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Tuulia Kasonen 2006

Jari Pellinen
Roope Laasonen
Finnish cultural foundation


Let’s play with the idea of internet neural network
that starts thinking by accident as a sum of incidents.

This thinker whom I call “web wide wit” has humans as nervecells,
electricity as driving force and a way of data transfer and data
coded in webpages as memory. This game also requires “web wide wit”
to be a part of a group of thinking neural networks in other worlds.
“Web Wide Wit” is an individual.

Peoples individualism (or the illusion of individualism) is formed
in an electric battery of 0,1 volts, the nervous system. Sensoric,
short term memory and long term memory form an entity that has storing
capacity size of the internet. The utilization rate of our memory is
low but according to a theorie the memory storing electric cirquits of
nervecells are responsible for our consiousness, individual memory,
the thought.

To put oneself in as a tiny part of a huge space, a part of a nervecell
in brains, is the basis of this website. If “Web Wide Wit” was as unaware
of her brain structure as we are she propably wouldn’t understand that we
use internet for our own purposes, we make websites and use electricity to
be in contact to other users or servers. “Web wide Wit” might think
that her brains were solely constructed to make her thinking possible and
no one could convinsingly deny the illusion.

We can play that we are able to save memories from ourselves for “Web Wide Wit”,
she propably can never read or decode them, but you never know. What would
you want “Web Wide Wit” to remember about her creator, the mover in motion,
human, yourself? Write it down in a nervecell of your choice so that others
can see it too. In short term memory you can see wrote down memories of
individuals and click to approve if you feel that the memory is worth saving.
After seven clicks the short term memory of the nervecell fills up and the
cell is transferred in long term memory to wait “Web Wide Wit”.
Wonder what could be saved in your nervecells.